Incoming E-Mail

Email enabled SharePoint lists now available for Office 365

Now you have the possibility to activate selected SharePoint lists or document libraries in Office 365 to receive emails from any mailbox. The feature of "Incoming E-Mails" has been deactivated in Office 365 to support multi-tenancy capability.
We bring back this functionality to you.


  • Intuitive User Interface

    Intuitive user interface

    We will provice you an intuitive user interface for this product as a SharePoint 2013 app.

  • Field Mapping

    Configurable field mapping

    Map email fields to the corresponding SharePoint columns.

  • Different List Types

    Support of different list types

    We support different list types like task list, custom list or document library.

  • Attachments

    Email attachments to SharePoint

    The original email message as well as the email attachments will be saved as SharePoint item attachments.


  • Subscriptions

    Account details page with products that can be subscribed

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Intuitive user interface with configurable field mappings

  • SharePoint List Item

    Extensive Reporting

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