Out of service from 10/01/2022

Due to mayor infrastructural issues with Microsoft, this product is out of service.

Here you will find all necessary information to install, configure and operate our product / service.

System Requirements

You need the following components for operating our solution:

  1. Any mailbox at any email provider

    • Non-Exchange-based mailboxes at any provider are also supported
    • The email server must support forwarding of emails to a given personalized email address
  2. SharePoint-Online Site

    • You need a SharePoint Online site, where you can install our product as an SharePoint app
    • Alternatively you can also use a site on an on-premise SharePoint server that is accessible from the Internet and is configured correctly for the use of Low-Trust-Apps
    • To install the app you need admin permissions on this site
    • To configure the incoming email settings, you need at least permissions to manage lists in this site

How to use the product?

▹ Installation and initial registration
▹ Configuration
▹ Manage your account
▹ Subscribe to a plan

Installation and initial registration

Download from SharePoint App Store


Subscribe for "Incoming-E-Mail"


Configuration of mailbox forwarding

Configuration of the target SharePoint list

Configuration of field mappings

Configuration of additional options

Saving the Configuration

Multi list configuration (Premium or Enterprise plan)

Have you subscribed to the Premium or Enterprise plan, you can configure several lists within a SharePoint Web.

Manage your account

Go to "Manage Account"

Adjust your account administrator settings

Billing information

Subscribe to a plan

If the quota of the "Free Plan" is not sufficient for you, you can select on of several paid plans

Revert to "Free Plan"